Roll ups and Banner Promotion

Roll ups and Banner Promotional

In trade shows and exhibitions, you can make use of different forms of displays, including banner stands to attract people. Along with your product display, you can choose from myriad aids to support it. These displays can provide information about your company; make your business logo or image stand out and drive the attention of visitors to your booth. Visuals and graphics can be used to make them more colorful and exciting.

You can choose from many kinds of displays from pop- up stands to banner stands. Pop- ups are bigger than banner stands. Pop- ups are usually made use of as a backdrop whereas, banner stands like retractable, roll ups and others can be placed on either side of the booth. Banner stands come in different types. Read on to know more.

Retractable banner stands
These are the banner stands which can be retracted/ extended. You have to pull up the banner that is securely encased in the base and attach it to the stand. To secure it, you should use the hook like things provided at the top and the bottom. They can either be double or single sided.

Roll up banner stands
These are similar to retractable banner stands. It has a spring type pull-up mechanism for the banner to be mounted on the stand. The graphic panels for this type of banner stands(roll-up) are stored in the cassette at the base of the stand. They can be single sided or double sided.

X & L Banner stands
These are types of banner stands whose stands come in the shape of X & L. They are used for other promotional events than trade shows. They are used in lobbies of companies, museums, hotels, etc. where they are kept to promote a company. They are usually seen in promotional platforms that are deemed to be permanent for your marketing needs.

Simple Banner stands
These banner stands are simple and easy to set up. They are more suitable to be used for indoor promotion. The banner is not big compared to other banner stands. The stand could be colored or in black.


Benefits of using banner stands
Different banner stands are available for the various promotional purposes. Their use is usually found at a trade show. They can make a company booth look more prominent and attract people to the booth. They help in bringing notice of several people simultaneously and not just an individual towards the trade show booth.